Contact our main office to coordinate the date and time of your move. It is very important that you schedule your move in with our office to ensure that your apartment is in proper condition upon your arrival.
If you do not already have a fully executed copy of your lease, you must pick it up at our main office prior to moving in. After you have obtained your lease, contact the office to make arrangements to pick up your keys.
We make every effort to see that your apartment is in top condition when you move in. If however your apartment requires repair or cleaning, we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Please make a request online at our Request Maintenance page.
Utility contact information can be found on our Tenant Utilities page. Also, don’t forget to change your mailing address!
In many neighborhoods in Chicago, parking is limited if you do not have a "Zone Parking Permit". To get one, you should contact your local Ward office.
Everybody should get renter’s insurance because your belongings are not covered by the building’s insurance policy. Please see our Insurance page for more information.
Please take the time to complete the update resident information form at your earliest convenience.

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